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The Adventures of Chibi Sensei
.... now with more spirit than an off-licence
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6th-Dec-2009 05:16 pm - Hi
Okay - so I haven't updated in forever this is true.



The real news is that I'm working my backside off and spending more and more time up to my eyeballs in work with 9 classes (last year I had seven) - it seems to be the past time of my work to see exactly how much they can load on me before I shatter, although I am not the only one.

Although I am enjoying facebook one-line updates at the moment.

Oh and I just put our Christmas decorations up - so so pretty. I love seeing of the twinkly, twinkly lights up
31st-Oct-2009 08:15 pm - Half Term - Woo
Actually had had something of a social life this half term ... it's been quite shocking.

We attended Fuyucon that was awesome, despite the fire alarm going off through the rock night, then again on Sunday at midnight, then Monday at 4am, earning the convention the name of FIRECON. Although my only disappoint was that I had zero time to make - and no money to buy - a costume at all which meant boring t-shirts. I also inadvertently ended up doing all the AMVs for the AMV disco and Kerry and I did such a good job, we've been invited onto the vent time to run it again at Fuyu/Fire/Phoenix/Fiddy Con which rules.

We then had the wonder of parents visiting with the brother (with little bro on the blow up bed that starts the night inflated then steadily deflates through the night).

We then journeyed to Wokingham in order to attend Keith's friend's I-has-job party. Unfortunately it was in a random place called Fleet which meant the following journey: 30mins walk to Wokingham station - train to Farnborough North - 30 mins walk to Farnborough Main - train to Fleet - 20 mins walk to the pub to spend two and a half hours there before going back and doing the whole journey again.

However the highlight of visiting the future in-laws is that we often get fed delicious food and wine, and get taken out for lunch in a village pub with grilled swordfish with caper butter makes a happy Chibi

We have also carved the pumpkin - pictures will follow at some point. Due to our flat being tucked away down a road that shouldn't exist we don't get trick or treaters, although we were ready for them sadly. Boo.

I don't want to go back to school on Monday - enjoying a social life
6th-Oct-2009 05:24 pm - Number Crunching
Good morning
Let's do some numbers here

* All lessons must have three objectives (entitled Must, Should and Could)
* All tasks in the lesson (3 usually) must have extension for the able and differentiation for the weak.
* All lessons must follow the National Curriculum set objectives and if you do not meet these then you must go back over and plug the gaps.
* All students must be assessed in every two week period.
* Of these assessments there must be a variety of immediate achievable targets and every student must know what they have to do to make the target grade (most classes are 28)
* All students must have a variety of each of the 3 learning styles, preferably all in one lesson.
* I currently teach 9 classes.
* In a two week time table I have 50 periods. Of those periods I have 6 free leaving 44.

This is a total of 40 things to potentially consider in a lesson with a potential total of 1769 things to consider in a week (40 x 44 + 9 (assessments).

In other maths

Houses looked around - 5
Houses lost - 1
Houses hated - 4
Houses that have smelt of rancid grease - 2
Estate agents who are kn*bs - 2
Houses that are very overpriced - All in Cambridge
Students that shouldn't have had houses bought for them in Cherry Hinton before they went to University so that they can have a steady income from the rent - 1

On another note and as a request, if anyone is particularly bored can they visit http://nfgsA2coursework.blogspot.com and have a look at the blogs on the right hand side of the page. The blogs could do with outside critique from various guests (what you don't get, what's unclear etc) and I would appreciate two or three minutes of your time and one line of comment is worth one extra mark to them :)
21st-Sep-2009 10:12 pm - Random Stuff Mark 58
Okay, thanks to various issues such as new school year, I have been unable to update but here it is the short status twitteresque format.

* We haven't found a house yet. The one we were supposed to look at last week was bought by the first person who saw it (we were the second)
* I have a SPECIAL child in my year 7 group who struggles to write his own name and one in the group whose mother owns an Aston Martin DB7 as her weekend car.
* My year 10 set has 31 pupils all squashed into a room meant for 28 and five boys are trying to outdo each other for the title of Archduke Class Clown (Archduke D*ckhead in my book)
* I bashed my hand really hard and have some damage on my right hand (lucky I'm left)
* I blew up our oven so looks like it's takeaways forever (woo!)
* I have several new songs.
* I have a sixth form tutor group who are finally bearable and downright enjoyable (in fact half of them want to come to my wedding).
* Sixth form in general have marveled at the The Rock(tm) with the best quote being: "Is that your house deposit, Miss?"
* I'm off to watch the kids (sixth form group) play at the Junction (music venue) soon.
17th-Aug-2009 10:02 pm(no subject)
The Full Guide to Estate Agents ... compiled lovingly by Chibi and K-chan

Oily-Boy - Usually a seasoned pro who gushes extensively about how great you are and how you're in a prime position, offering houses that are only one third over budget quickly followed by business-card-ninja-stars for the finance company who pays for his hair wax. Identifying Marks - a semi-designer suit, lots of blinking, secret nudie calendar in desk.

FlutterGirl - Upgraded from receptionist because she could spell 'conveyance'. Resents all first time buyers that are women or females in a couple and cannot understand why you wouldn't want to live in a former-council house, three miles away with dry rot (usually all she's been given to sell). Identifying Marks - Hair flicking, tutting noises, RnB Charts ringtone, picture of friends make up screen saver and desk photos and the phrase "you can't afford to be choosy".

Mr House - Has been in the game so long that he is above all home buyers and knows it (often a senior guy). Descends on a golden throne to see buyers if he finds them amusing or if they have managed to do the jigsaw in the waiting room. Talks a lot of sense but most of it in a slightly droning voice so you are more fixated on how his glasses are ever-so-slightly wonky. Identifying Marks - Jaguar car, nice pen, pictures of family everywhere to assert authority over younger, childless colleagues, full ownership of the filing cabinet, receptionist mistress.

Scatter Woman - A fuzzy-headed older woman who has sold huge amounts of homes purely on her "lovely, dizzy, lady" approach. Appears to show that she would rather charge hugs than stamp duty but can easily talk people into a sale. Loses everything except the house. Identifying Marks: Nice suit, good car, grown-up children, flick-knife in the briefcase.

Career Bitch - Got to her high level job by leaving stiletto marks all over her buyers. Always wears a suit so as not to seem too much like a 'girl' and often can be heard talking about her Uni days and how she gave up her early acting career. Lying is absolutely no problem and will create false buyers in order to have some imaginary friends to have control over. Identifying Marks - Child seat in back of car but no child ever seen, pre-made lunches from Waitrose/M and S, Toni and Guy appointment card, still-smoking credit card, John Lewis Assistant Lipstick all over her Manolos.

Explody Man - A usually black-suited man who lives to sell houses for double the price and will do anything to get it or will shout until he gets his way. Had "doesn't play well with others" on his first school report. Identifying Marks - blood of school children on his Audi, a snappy black suit with pleats so starched they carve into first time buyers knees (and wallets), several dominatrix calling cards in jacket pocket, a bitter ex-wife with a tyre-slashing habit.

Generic Agent - So normal actually matches the carpet and the brickwork. Likes normal first time buyers looking for normal properties with a normal deposit. Moves at normal pace, despite the threat of legal action and is often caught doing 29 in a 30 limit. Identifying Marks - Silver Family Car, M and S suit, a lunchbox with an uneaten apple, slightly scuffed shoes.
I promised proposal stories and holidays so here they are. Cut for those with a lack of whimsy.

Read more...Collapse )

In other news, we have finally started house-hunting with our first one being an excellent find with all the weaknesses trotted out later. Chibi has worked out the following estate agent types (moved to separate entry to incorporate NEW ENCOUNTERS (ooh)

Hopefully this 3 bedroomed house we are first on the list for viewing will work out ... and then look out for solicitor types
26th-Jul-2009 04:10 pm - Heehehee
Will post a longer entry later but the main news (internet peeps) is that i'm engaged! W00t.

I will post shiny ring piccehs later
6th-Jul-2009 09:24 pm - School and other stuff

The school has had a blitz on observations over the last three weeks. I have had three. One random drop in from the Deputy Head and Headmaster (doing a climate walk … go figure), one from my Head of Department and one from the English Advisor at the Essex LA.

The result from the Head: “Er, yeah, was good, oh yeah sorry I didn’t teach that lesson you set up for me. I forgot”

The result from HoD: “It was good, a few outstanding features.”

English Advisor: “You have an excellent rapport with them, I would rate it as good with features of outstanding.”

Remember I was
"the crap one" of the group in teacher training (as quoted by one of the other trainees we didn't like very much who I have just found out has quit ahahahahaha) so Chibi of Pride (although she's very glad the advisor didn't see her with year 7 as it took 20 minutes to settle them after all the spazzy behaviour with all the "I haven't got a pen/homework diary/fish/my book/a brain" and "I have a music lesson/exam/rounders match/dentist/doctor/need a drink/going home/holiday". Drove me borderline psychopathic and I yelled at them, if they are this spazzy tomorrow I am detentioning them on the spot)

In other news the Year 11s were dispatched with the most boring ball ever (four hours of standing around, the year 10s have elected me to plan next years as I reckon  bouncy castle). Although several of the kids turned up in interesting ways including a Routemaster Bus, a tractor, a Buick car, several limos/stretch hummers and the Local Fire Engine.

Also a trip to Thorpe Park. Our coach turned up late and we had to endure the other two driving off with “nyahnyahnyahnyahnyah” signs only to turn up twenty minutes ahead of the others due to our driver believing that the straightest route was the best route, which was brilliant for the kids on the M25 as they got to rubberneck two accidents, sign-language lorry drivers and point and laugh at the bus of a “Special” school.

I only really went on Colossus, Tidal Wave (got soaked), Tea Cups and Zodiac. Didn’t really want to do anything else. Nothing to do with fear of the rides but I really didn’t fancy queuing for 90 minutes for a ride that lasted max of 30 secs, especially in the sun that was creeping up towards 32 degrees.

So now we start to build up for the end of term. To be honest I’m winding down already.

And in other news the company-who-must-not-be-named are sending K-chan to Korea for a week … in my last week of term … coming back a day before our holiday (meaning I drive the 500 miles) … going on a weekend … oh yeah and over my birthday. I am not a happy bunny because I now have to spend my birthday not only at school but alone. It’s official, my birthday sucks.

If anyone happens to be in Cambridge around the 13th July let me know.

14th-Jun-2009 09:38 pm - Good Things
Several good things have happened:

* I am up to date on Soul Eater manga and am thrilled to have new manga experience. Stein is way cool in this one.

* Fruits Basket is nearly finished and I love it.

* I had a teaching observation and instead of being satisfactory with elements of good, I am now good with elements of excellent. Mmm, pleasure. Having been the 'crap one' for ages it's nice to have something to celebrate in that. I'm still the crap one of the department but I am a little less crap than before.

* I joined a gym. I know some of you will be rolling on the floor laughing at this but it has a pretty pool, I get a discount and it has a rowing machine I can knock the crap out of. Equally, I fancy doing marking on the cross trainer. It has nothing to do with the steam room, sauna or jacuzzi ... honest... truly. Truth telling I have become remarkably unfit with all the sit down marking I've been doing and my classes are behaving at the moment, so I haven't actually needs to stand and do circuits repeatedly of the classroom threatening at will.

* The flat is kind of tidy and a good portion of our washing is done. This is quite a miracle as washing happens to be something that

* Due to sheer luck I have managed to angle a few more free periods this week. Don't you just love sports days! All I have to do is watch 11 year olds throw heavy frisbees and giant plastic twigs around. Much better than trying to get coursework out of year 10

* I'm on top of my reports, which is very cool (just 15 more to write! ... If I can get exam cover on Wednesday I could get that completed).
31st-May-2009 08:51 pm - Yes, I know it's late.
Hanging Teacher
I haven't updated for a while and I really have no excuse of why aside from being busy working and sleeping.

I hadn't quite realised exactly how much sleep I get through on the holidays. In schooldays I get up at 6:30 and all of a sudden on holiday it's like a flipped switch and I'm dead until 9:00-10:00 and still managing nap in the afternoons.

My biggest thing over these last two weeks has been the almost constant marking I've been doing - there's been so much, and now we have the wonder that is report season. Actually I should really stop whinging about this because everyone else probably has it just as bad or possibly worse.

In other news, it seems highly unlikely that K-chan will be made redundant, something we are both pleased with and some enough can start looking for a house. We are both agreed on really, really, really wanting a garden, especially when the weather has been so glorious. It was sat in the punts yesterday baking relentlessly whilst trailing toes in the water, and earlier in the week on the parents patio that I realised I want a nice garden with a patio or decking to sit out in and enjoy the nice weather. So far the nearest we have got is stealing next doors front garden to hang the washing out in.

It probably doesn't bother our neighbours as currenty:
- We have never seen them leave the house
- All the lights are always on
- Yet all blinds and curtains are tightly shut.
- The gardens are over growing
- Six months of phonebooks and yellow pages are outside.
- They have never mowed the lawn and yet take the milk in every Tuesday (I have only seen a single hand reach out and take it)

The conclusion fomr K-chan's mum is that it's a cannabis factory, any other ideas. We tried posting a letter through but the mysterious hand only snatched it throguh and we didn't get a peep.

Only seven weeks until proper holiday in Cornwall and everything.

Oh by the way N.Yorks peeps are you likely to be around week of the 27th July - particularly the Monday?
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